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A JavaScript Module Pattern

This is the first episode in the collection of Great Javascript articles by world’s top-notched Javascript gurus. Our entry this week was written by Eric Miraglia originally posted on Y!UI Blog. Global variables are evil. Within YUI, we use only two globals: YAHOO and YAHOO_config. Everthing in YUI makes use of members within the YAHOO […]

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ExtJS : 2 secs with custom vType

Following another question on ExtJS forum, I’ve created a sample of how to use vType for ExtJS newbies. Basically, in form submission you need to validate user input and / or prevent user from entering invalid keys. Pure Javascript implementation could be quite a headache to some folks. ExtJS now provides a regex-based validation class […]

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J!Mint – Joomla Magento Integration

Hi guys, I’m Anh Nguyen (Totti), a student participant in GSoC 2009 under Joomla category, and my project is Joomla Magento Integration, J!Mint. This project is FREE and licensed under GNU GPL 2.0. The main features are : 1. User Synchronization 2. User Management 3. SSO 4. Backend Integration : allows you to control Magento […]

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It’s time to blog now..

I used to have a personal website developed in Flash here as I played around with Flash/ActionScript, but it’s quite outdated since 2007. Just realized It’s time to start blogging about Javascript, and web frontend stuff to hear and share with people around. So here comes my blog :)

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