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JSMag is currently kinda the only Javascript magazine for enthusiastic front-end developers. I’m a subscriber of this magazine, finding it really fun, and interesting to read, especially if you love Javascript. This is a must-read for you :D and only costs $4.99. You can purchase at JsMag or ..I will periodically, and per request, upload old JSMag for the “hungry”-minded to download :). However, I can’t upload the latest ones as ..you know :D

Below are several issues I found very informative.
Issue 1
Issue 2
Issue 4
Issue 7
Issue 8
Issue 11


Oct 06, 2010 : Links removed due to request by editor

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  • While I appreciate the enthusiasm for JSMag, I’m requesting that you please remove these links. Please email me at editor@jsmag.com to discuss this further.

  • Seems the links are broken, I cannot download the magazine :-(

    • admin

      Links updated bro.

  • mark_philipppines

    good thing i saw this, 5 dollars subscription is still kinda heavy here in the philippines, thanks, salamat