Archive | February, 2010

The interesting javascript window object

As we all know that in Client-side Javascript, the Window object is the global variable, a host object, that contains attributes of the current opened window. An interesting part is this object also has a property called ‘window‘ which refers to itself. I’m not sure why this special object is implemented that way. (more…)

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IE and CSS class-chaining

Internet Explorer 6, 7 both do NOT support CSS class-chaining as a couple of articles floating around on the internet say. Basically, CSS class-chaining is used to select HTML elements which have multiple CSS classes: For example: (more…)

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Javascript: Function length vs arguments

One of the reasons quite a number of programmers don’t like Javascript because it’s weird, behaving differently on different browsers.. and hard to debug.. However, it’s quite fun or even addictive to learn JS also for that reason. Below is a brief on two mysterious properties of Javascript functions : length, and arguments. (more…)

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