Integration between CyberGloves and OptiTrack

A few months ago, my lab mate Lionel and I hacked on a project combining CyberGloves II and our optical tracking system, OptiTrack in a virtual environment. The position and orientation of the hands are defined by the markers being tracked by the tracking system; while the bending angles of the fingers are defined by the 22 sensors of the CyberGloves. Note that CyberGloves output only gives the angles of the joints of the fingers in radians using flex sensors.

The models of the hands are provided by CyberGloves. The project is really fun, and the only issue is that CyberGloves APIs are not well documented in the code and there is very limited information online on how to use it. It takes some “trial and error” to get the gloves working properly as in the following demo video. Enjoy !

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