Archive | July, 2014

How to configure a Waf C++ project in Eclipse

I’ve mostly used Eclipse for my Java work. Today I’ve configured Eclipse to build, run and debug my C++ project built on Waf. Waf build tool is not natively supported in current latest Eclipse (Luna Eclipse), so hopefully this entry helps someone trying to achieve the same configuration. I am running Luna Eclipse on Ubuntu 12.04. The […]

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A modular wearable 3D input device

I am proudly releasing my video demonstrating a 3D input device that I built for my Master’s thesis: 3DTouch. This is a novel 3D wearable input device, worn on the fingertip for 3D manipulation tasks. 3DTouch is self-contained, and designed to universally work on various 3D platforms. The device employs touch input for the benefits of passive […]

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