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How to configure a Waf C++ project in Eclipse

I’ve mostly used Eclipse for my Java work. Today I’ve configured Eclipse to build, run and debug my C++ project built on Waf. Waf build tool is not natively supported in current latest Eclipse (Luna Eclipse), so hopefully this entry helps someone trying to achieve the same configuration. I am running Luna Eclipse on Ubuntu 12.04. The […]

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A modular wearable 3D input device

I am proudly releasing my video demonstrating a 3D input device that I built for my Master’s thesis: 3DTouch. This is a novel 3D wearable input device, worn on the fingertip for 3D manipulation tasks. 3DTouch is self-contained, and designed to universally work on various 3D platforms. The device employs touch input for the benefits of passive […]

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Integration between CyberGloves and OptiTrack

A few months ago, my lab mate Lionel and I hacked on a project combining CyberGloves II and our optical tracking system, OptiTrack in a virtual environment. The position and orientation of the hands are defined by the markers being tracked by the tracking system; while the bending angles of the fingers are defined by the 22 […]

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How to mix MPI and CUDA in a single program

MPI is a well-known programming model for Distributed Memory Computing. If you have access to GPU resources, MPI can be used to distribute tasks to computers, each of which can use their CPU and also GPU to process the distributed task. My toy problem in hand is to use  a mix of MPI and CUDA […]

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