Low-cost Augmented Reality prototype for controlling network devices

Anh Nguyen, Amy Banic

Links: pdf | code | project page

With the evolution of mobile devices, and smart-phones in particular, comes the ability to create new experiences that enhance the way we see, interact, and manipulate objects, within the world that surrounds us. It is now possible to blend data from our senses and our devices in numerous ways that simply were not possible before using Augmented Reality technology. In a near future, when all of the office devices as well as your personal electronic gadgets are on a common wireless network, operating
them using a universal remote controller would be possible. This paper presents an off-the-shelf, low-cost prototype that leverages the Augmented Reality technology to deliver a novel and interactive way of operating office network devices around using a mobile device. We believe this type of system may provide
benefits to controlling multiple integrated devices and visualizing interconnectivity or utilizing visual elements to pass information from one device to another, or may be especially beneficial to control devices when interacting with them physically may be difficult or pose danger or harm.

Conference: Off-the-shelf VR workshop at IEEE Virtual Reality 2013