Journal papers

Conference papers

Books & Theses

  • Nguyen A (2017). AI Neuroscience: Visualizing and Understanding Deep Neural Networks. University of Wyoming. ProQuest. [pdf]
  • Nguyen A (2014). 3DTouch: Towards a Wearable 3D Input Device for 3D Applications. University of Wyoming. ProQuest. [pdf]
  • Nguyen H. Phuong, Nguyen A, and Hoang H. Anh (2008). Electronic Medical Record. Ministry of Health Publisher. Hanoi, Vietnam.

Pre-print articles and Technical reports

  • Norouzzadeh M, Nguyen A, Kosmala M, Swanson A, Parker C, Clune J (2017). Automatically identifying wild animals in camera trap images with deep learning. [pdf]
  • Nguyen A, Banic A (2014). 3DTouch: A wearable 3D input device with an optical sensor and a 9-DOF inertial measurement unit. [pdf]