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ExtJS – How to scroll Ext.Panel by Drag and Drop ?

In an ExtJS panel (Ext.Panel) where the content area is huge but the Panel size is limited, users usually use the MouseWheel to scroll vertically Up and Down. However, the Drag n Drop feature could actually allow users to scroll both vertically and horizontally by dragging and dropping the content (or body) of Ext.Panel. In […]

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ExtJS Accordion-Vbox custom hybrid layout

ExtJs has two well-known layouts called Accordion and Vbox. Basically, in a vertical list of panels, AccordionLayout manages multiple Panels in an expandable accordion style such that only one Panel can be expanded at any given time. Each Panel has built-in support for expanding and collapsing. VboxLayout, on the other hand, arranges items vertically down […]

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ExtJS Vertical TabPanel example

Currently, ExtJS 3.1.1 doesn’t support Vertical TabPanel. Here is my simple custom Vertical TabPanel ux class. Currently, it supports the same set of features as Ext.Tabpanel except advanced auto tab-scrolling feature. Default position is “left”. Tested working on FF2+, IE6+, Chrome 4, Safari 4, and Opera 10. You can put the source files in ExtJS […]

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